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Foster homes are the backbone of our team!

We cannot save dogs without a temporary home once rescued from kill shelters or from the streets. A foster home provides love, food and assists in taking dogs to approved vet appointments and/or adoption events whenever possible. Fosters are the dogs’ temporary parents until they are adopted into their permanent homes. A foster will keep us posted on the dog’s temperament, likes, dislikes, good behavior, or bad ones so we can inform the adoptive families in order to avoid potential problems. This role is vital for successful and permanent adoptions. 

How much will it cost me to foster?

There is no cost for fostering other than providing shelter and basic food necessities to your foster pet. POLAR will cover any medical costs and basic vetting required to ensure a fast adoption. POLAR, upon request, will provide food and a crate.

How long will I have a dog?

POLAR will never leave a foster with a dog beyond a reasonable period. If the foster situation is not working out, we will make arrangements to move the dog to another foster.

Can I foster if I have my own pets, and is it safe?

Every dog brought into the program is examined by a veterinarian and up-to-date on shots. If the dog has not yet been altered, POLAR will make arrangements to have the dog fixed. If you have additional pets in your home, please review the guidelines with a POLAR volunteer.

If you're ready to be a POLAR foster, please fill out our Foster Application.

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