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Paws of Love Animal Rescue is looking for more heroes?  POLAR is a non-profit volunteer-based rescue and at the heart of it are our fosters. 

Find out how you can become a foster with Paws of Love Animal Rescue.   


Every cent helps.



Get involved!

We have many ways you can help us save lives. We need volunteers for fostering, transporting, assisting with special events, social media, fundraising, marketing support/grant writing, and web design. There’s something for everyone – contact us at polarvolunteer@yahoo.com.

Kids can volunteer, too!

Volunteering with dogs is a great way to teach children about responsibility and respect for animals. Kids can help organize fundraisers such as bake sale, help with fostering, participate in adoption events, and more! Contact polarvolunteer@yahoo.com for more information.

POLAR Baby Special Spotlight
This gentle big boy is Haggred is a 2 yr. old hound mix who weighs about 65 lbs. A fun loving pup just right to play with  fur siblings and chase a ball to help you unwind.

If you're looking for loyal he is your match, enjoys being brushed, belly scratches and hey, Haggred sits on request, is great on a leash, and is completely potty trained! Did we mention that he's also a big cuddle bug that thinks he can talk and makes the funniest little grumble sounds.

Haggred does have a condition called parrot mouth, where his lower jaw is shorter than his top jaw. This hasn't caused him any issues and he can eat and drink normally.

Click over to our adopt tab. We require an approved adoption application before a meet and greet is set up. Adoption fee of $275 includes neuter/spay, microchip, heartworm testing, deworming, vaccinations, and other necessary procedures.
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VIP treatment for Paws of Love Animal Rescue Supporters

August Polar Partner meet Varsity Energy


At Varsity Energy, our greatest passions are energy and helping people and their furry best friends! We’re committed to supporting your electricity needs, giving back to our communities, and building a sustainable future for our kids.


Click here to find out more or sign up $50 is donated to POLAR for each new Varsity Energy enrollee.

Help Support Paws of Love Animal Rescue and our efforts to rescue further dogs from Texas area kill shelters. Helping Is Easy & Fun!